About Pearson's Flags

Established in 1956.

In March of 1956, Les and Nancy Pearson founded Pearson Hardware in a corner of Nancy's father's grocery store.  By that summer, they had a room built on the side because the business was growing so fast.  At the beginning of the following year, they took over the entire store when  Nancy's father retired.

The hardware business was very successful until the large chain hardware stores started driving out the small businessman.  When they were contemplating going into a different line of business, they hit on the idea of flags and Delaware souvenirs, incorporating them with the hardware.

After many years of faithful service to the residents of Delaware, in late 2014 the original owners decided to hold an auction and sell the company. The new owner, Patrick Keane, eagerly took over all store operations and moved all inventory to his already thriving retail store in Trolley Square, The Rockford Map Gallery. 

We will continue to serve the greater Wilmington area for years to come.